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Mon -Thur: 07h00 - 15h00

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Market Hours:

Mon-Fri: 05h00 - 10h30
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We are a successful and highly motivated team that operates on the Tshwane (Pretoria) market.

We provide confidence, peace of mind, and trusted service to innovative and dynamic producers. Our clients appreciate the value of quality fresh produce and regards relationship building highly. We always sell in the best possible way at the best possible price to all role players.

Our expertise, experience and passion are used to provide the most cost effective sales channel and advice that help producers continually meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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We are World Class

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Professionals when it comes to produce, we know the journey to perfection




We operate according to strong moral principles, ethics and honesty. We always speak the truth and deliver on our promises.

Honesty is a value that will not be compromised by any of our agents

We are loyal to our team members and to the company at all times. We adhere to our company’s principles and brand promise to our producers and clients



Service Excellence

We always communicate positively about and with our team members, management and company. We will always apologize for upsets first and look for a solution. We convey messages clearly and always strive for a win-win solution.

We are consistent in providing good quality performance to all our stakeholders.

We will reach for service excellence at all times and will adhere to the value of self-improvement. We will adhere to the philosophy of the Japanese called Kaizen – to do everything faster and more efficient.



Fair Value

All producers employees and customers are highly regarded and will be treated with respect, honor and courtesy.

We will do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals

We believe that the determining of price through supply and demand is paramount and we support the Fresh Produce Market Agent model.



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