Why Choose Us

7 Reasons why successful producers prefer Farmers Trust 53 years’ experience!

1 Agents have extensive knowledge experience for the best decision making.

2 An open “Agent-Producer” communication model that provides daily  feedback which ensures well informed producers.

Our adherence to core values of honesty and reliability ensures that our producers can be rest assured their products are in good hands.

Our dedicated and reliable team with sufficient resources to off-load your product that ensures fast turn-around time of products.

Knowledgeable and experienced admin team that handle all enquiries and payments efficiently according to the highest standards.

Top class agents follow tried and tested processes that ensure all quality of produce are sold at the best price available.

Our selected group of producers receives individual special attention that provides confidence and assurance of the best service at all times.

Farmers Trust 10 Point Service Promise

We as Farmers Trust team build our customer service off the following 10point pledge:

To off-load your products as soon as possible in an orderly way.

Our seven-step process improves product performance and sales promotion.

To handle your product the right way to maintain the cold chain

In order to sell your product at the best price that can be achieved.

5 To e-mail your sales on a daily basis.

6 To complete the consignments as soon as possible to speed up the electronic payments.

To resume statements to you by e-mail immediately after payment has been made.

To be in touch with you –even everyday if you like-to discuss market demands and prospects with you.

We pledge to strive for a 100% administrative service. Any inquiries will be resolved within 24 hours.

10 That we constantly improve ourselves as your marketing team to give you our best service.